At a time where people are more "connected" than ever with technology, information and other people, our most pressing need is a more frequent and improved connection with our Heavenly Father. The Hearing From God seminar provides a practical and sensible approach to drawing closer and more intimate in our relationship with God. Regardless of your current prayer and meditation life this seminar will dramatically enhance your ability to listen and hear what God wants to say to you!

~Larry Strong
Church Elder
Estes Park, CO

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Course Aim:

This course intends to help participants learn to discern clearly what God is saying to them so they can engage with faith in a walk of obedience to God.

HFG-Punjab-IndiaCourse Description:

An interactive presentation of the Biblical truths will be presented by Phil Largent. Participants will be led to construct a Biblical basis for and a practical understanding of why and how God speaks to His children. They will advance in their personal experience of hearing from God through exercises, reflection, and dialog. Participants will be led to construct a time-line that demonstrates God’s directing their life. Comprehensive teaching notes will be given each participant to aid in their learning experience.

Course History:

This teaching has been delivered to pastors, ministry organization leaders, church workers, and church planters in several nations and extensively around the country of India. The participants indicated the teaching was

  1. the first of its kind they had received,
  2. so Biblical,
  3. Spirit energized,
  4. practical,
  5. understandable, and
  6. life changing as well as ministry changing.


Course Delivery Strategy:

  • Audience (adults)
    Elders, pastors, deacons, church planters, ministry leaders, disciples, Bible teachers, and small group leaders
  • Time Frame
    > Ideal: 4 ½ to 5 hours in one setting
    > Almost Ideal: Two 3-hour sessions delivered over two days back to back
    > Adequate: Two 3-hour sessions delivered a few days to one week apart hfg-book
  • Resource
    Hearing From God manual (donation of $5 each at seminars or order online for $5.95 each plus shipping) and Bible (bring personal Bible)
  • Learning Methods
    Teaching presentation, digital projection, object lesson, dialog, question & answer, small group discussion, personal reflection, feedback, sharing
  • Setting
    (Ideal) Tables and chairs, power outlet, projection screen available, restrooms, water, finger snacks (no sound system required)

Pastor studying Hearing From God in Chennai, IndiaCourse Requirements:

  • Educationally conducive room is best.
  • Commitment by participants to stay throughout the training.
  • Bibles, pens, and attentive minds by participants.
  • Drinks and finger-food type snacks provided by ministry or church.
  • White board (at least 4’ X 5’) with markers is needed.
  • Limit maximum attendance to 50 or so.
  • Any recording of the training will be considered property of IMD International. Use of any recordings of the training by the church, ministry, or individuals will require permission of IMD International.