Here are the ways Hearing From God teaching strikes me:

  1. Simple enough even an unlearned can understand.
  2. Time tested truths easily transferable and applicable.
  3. Very Biblical hence very helpful to lead life of integrity in all aspects.

~Dr. Lamech Inbaraj
Director, Asian Christian College
Chennai, India

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Part 1: Getting Ready To Hear From God

  • Three Overarching Principles (Session 1)
  • Two Reasons Why Hearing From God Is Critical
  • Seven Conditions To Hearing From God (Session 2)
    Exercise #1

Part 2: How We Hear From God

  • Seven Means Of God Speaking To His Children (Session 3)
  • Three Spiritual Factors To Consider In Discerning God’s Direction (Session 4)
    Exercise #2
  • What Will We Hear From God (Session 5)
    Exercise #3

Part 3: Living Out What We Hear From God

  • Following God’s Direction (Session 6)
  • Three Things God Reveals In Order To Follow Him
    Exercise #4
  • Seven Things That Will Nullify God’s Word (Session 7)
  • How Should I Respond To Hearing From God (Session 8)
  • Six Responses To Hearing From God
    Exercise #5