Like all of Phil’s presentations that I’ve attended, “Hearing From God” is easy to understand and apply, encouraging, uplifting, freeing, and challenges me to deeper fellowship and more faithful obedience to the Lord. Scriptural? It doesn’t get any more Scriptural than HFG!

~Teresa Wadleigh
Cheraw, CO

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Part 1: Getting Ready To Hear From God

  • Three Overarching Principles (Session 1)
  • Two Reasons Why Hearing From God Is Critical
  • Seven Conditions To Hearing From God (Session 2)
    Exercise #1

Part 2: How We Hear From God

  • Seven Means Of God Speaking To His Children (Session 3)
  • Three Spiritual Factors To Consider In Discerning God’s Direction (Session 4)
    Exercise #2
  • What Will We Hear From God (Session 5)
    Exercise #3

Part 3: Living Out What We Hear From God

  • Following God’s Direction (Session 6)
  • Three Things God Reveals In Order To Follow Him
    Exercise #4
  • Seven Things That Will Nullify God’s Word (Session 7)
  • How Should I Respond To Hearing From God (Session 8)
  • Six Responses To Hearing From God
    Exercise #5