Hearing from God is one of the most needed teaching for today's leaders, especially for those involved in spiritual leadership. It is exciting to learn through the teaching series how the Spirit of God leads His people. This teaching will help you get closer to God in your walk with Him and will result in strong relationship. This clear teachings draw our attention to God who wants to involve in and guide our lives and ministry. Most of our failures in the ministry and in our lives come from our decision...decision made by us. But this teaching will help you to the point that you will be able make peaceful decision as you listen to what the Father speaks to you. This is a teaching series that you cannot ignore. If you participate, you will be changed in your spiritual leadership as you grow stronger and stronger in your relationship with the Father who loves to speak to His children.

~Philip van Lal Lian
Director, Advance Inland Missions Today
Director, Yangon Grace Bible College
Yangon, Myanmar

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God loves those who are His through Jesus Christ – calling us His children (1 John 3).  He does indeed have something to say to His children.  There is an ever-increasing mass of individuals hungry to relate to their HFG-Bible-college-PunjabHeavenly Father with an on-going conversation – the basis of all relationships.  I am referring to Christ-followers living by faith in the finished work of Christ, rooted and grounded in the Word of God, walking in obedience to Scripture, and who look to God in a Father/child relationship.

Mostly due to the formation of ‘theologies,’ the topic of hearing from God seems to shake out to three categories of responses.  “We have the Bible and that’s it” would be the first common response.  Others would respond with “God speaks spectacular things to me on inspired occasions.”  The third typical response is “The desire of my heart is to hear from my Heavenly Father as I walk through this life .”

Though the Bible is replete with accounts of God speaking with many people, the most conservative theologians would tell us the revelation of God is complete in the Bible.  God has produced for us all we are going to have from Him in the Bible.  The many who function on the ‘Spirit-is-flowing’ side of life and ministry want us to know the spectacular revelations God is giving them from time to time.  Quite a bit of what is declared from these as being from the Lord fails to be congruent with what God has already revealed in Scripture.  We know God does not contradict Himself.

HFG-pastor-DelhiWe have attempted in this training, Hearing From God, to be particularly Biblical in foundation and Spirit-led in application of the Biblical passages.  In the varied venues in which this teaching has been presented, the single most common testimony heard is, “This is true to God’s Word and confirmed by His Spirit.”

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