Here are the ways Hearing From God teaching strikes me:

  1. Simple enough even an unlearned can understand.
  2. Time tested truths easily transferable and applicable.
  3. Very Biblical hence very helpful to lead life of integrity in all aspects.

~Dr. Lamech Inbaraj
Director, Asian Christian College
Chennai, India

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" Phil has a brilliant mind for the Lord, absolutely loves God and His word, as well as, a deep love for the people, and is a very gifted teacher. I truly believe everyone needs to hear and study "Hearing from God" by Phil Largent. Thank you so much for coming to Cheraw Baptist Chapel to share what the Lord has laid on your heart. May God absolutely bless you, in using you, in His ministry. I highly recommend every Christian to go through "Hearing from God".

Phil's teaching has left an everlasting impact on my life and the life of our Church.

In His Service and Awaiting the Shout,

~ Pastor Steven R. Hicks
Cheraw Baptist Chapel
Cheraw, CO

"Like all of Phil’s presentations that I’ve attended, “Hearing From God” is easy to understand and apply, encouraging, uplifting, freeing, and challenges me to deeper fellowship and more faithful obedience to the Lord. Scriptural? It doesn’t get any more Scriptural than HFG!

~ Teresa Wadleigh
Cheraw, CO

"I have yet to sit under Phil and not have it impact my spiritual life. He has a gift for putting the hard concepts into obvious and applicable lessons. He is a gracious teacher, experienced at keeping control of and tailoring lessons to fit his class. Hearing From God does not appear life changing when you're sitting in it. It's only after you've had time to digest it and work on the book/workbook that the true power of the whole thing comes through. It's well worth the investment of a measly six hours."

~ Sherry Allen
Cheraw, CO

"The whole thing was about how to obtain and maintain a personal relationship with God."

~ Jace McCall
La Junta, CO

"Thank you for bringing the hearing from God seminar to our community. The seminar was packed with insightful teaching and practical applications. I believe all of us walked away with a better understanding of how we can communicate with God on a daily basis. I also believe we should have scheduled an extended day so we could have had even more time to discuss the material with our fellow Christ-followers. Thanks, Phil, for your open and faith filled presentation of God's message that he wants to communicate with each of us!"

~ Steve Johnson
Church Elder, Estes Park, CO

"At a time where people are more "connected" than ever with technology, information and other people, our most pressing need is a more frequent and improved connection with our Heavenly Father. The Hearing From God seminar provides a practical and sensible approach to drawing closer and more intimate in our relationship with God. Regardless of your current prayer and meditation life this seminare will dramatically ehnance your ability to listen and hear what God wants to say to you!"

~ Larry Strong
Church Elder, Estes Park, CO

"My wife, Carolyn, and I recently attended Phil Largent’s seminar entitled “Hearing From God”. We were encouraged to build some new disciplines into our lives that will help us more clearly hear God’s Word. For me, it was all new. Although a Christ follower for many years, I have struggled to KNOW God’s daily direction for my life. I had never journaled from daily Bible study before and am anxious to see the fruits of that experience. Carolyn is at a different stage in her walk with the Lord and she offers the following perspective: For all of you who have been impacted by Blackaby’s “Experiencing God”, you will find some similarities with Phil’s materials… but with additional revelations to help you understand God and His specific direction for your life. Personally, as a result of the conference, I have begun journaling again and am expecting God to reveal Himself in new ways to better direct my service."

~ Jan and Carolyn Evans
Church Elder & Wife, Estes Park, CO

"The Hearing From God Seminar was definitely what our church needed. We have been seeking the Lord's will for our future and praying for revival. The timely truths that Phil shared were enthusiastically presented and received with encouragement and hope. The "Discerning God's Direction" exercise was very meaningful to many of our people and opened their eyes to the truth that God has, and will still speak to them and use them for His purposes. Thanks Phil for sharing with us how to better hear from God! "

~ Barry P. Smith
Pastor, FBC Farmington, AR


"In a world of uncertainty, hearing from God is the only key to make life worth living. And this series was a great blessing to me, as it is biblical, practical and motivational, meeting my dire need."

~ John Christopher
Founder/Director Visual Word Media
Hyderabad, India

  • Encourages strong relationship with God
  • Emphasizes Bible as the teaching source
  • Reproducible into life of others

~ Timothy Sathuluri
Director, Faith & Work Bible Association
Hyderabad, India


"Here are the ways Hearing From God teaching strikes me:

  1. Simple enough even an unlearned can understand.
  2. Time tested truths easily transferable and applicable.
  3. Very Biblical hence very helpful to lead life of integrity in all aspects.”

~ Dr. Lamech Inbaraj
Director, Asian Christian College
Chennai, India

"Your teachings are very much practical and applicable in the lives. It gives such an insight so that one can ponder on it and reproduce it with new areas of thoughts. I believe your teaching will encourage many to study the Word. Therefore, you must make some plans to take it to different parts of the world."

~ M K Babu
Senior Pastor, Sacred Assemblies Fellowship
Delhi, India

Philip-van-Lian-teaching-HF"Hearing from God is one of the most needed teaching for today's leaders, especially for those involved in spiritual leadership. It is exciting to learn through the teaching series how the Spirit of God leads His people. This teaching will help you get closer to God in your walk with Him and will result in strong relationship. This clear teachings draw our attention to God who wants to involve in and guide our lives and ministry. Most of our failures in the ministry and in our lives come from our decision...decision made by us. But this teaching will help you to the point that you will be able make peaceful decision as you listen to what the Father speaks to you. This is a teaching series that you cannot ignore. If you participate, you will be changed in your spiritual leadership as you grow stronger and stronger in your relationship with the Father who loves to speak to His children."

~ Philip van Lal Lian
Director, Advance Inland Missions Today
Director, Yangon Grace Bible College
Yangon, Myanmar

"When the leaders of the churches are searching many resources (like commentary, internet messages, sermon outline, audio sermons, etc.) to find the message of God, the Lord at the same time really wants to speak to His people. But, we are not listening in this busy world. I praise God for the training on Hearing from God. I was also sometimes puzzled in finding a sermon to preach. Now I preach what the Lord speaks to me. I hear at His feet the still small voice with which He speaks daily. It is a blessing tPhil-and-Santosh-HFGo know through the Hearing From God study God has many things to say. God still speaks and I can listen to Him."

~ Santosh Makal
Director/Church Planter
Malda Christian Fellowship
Malda WB India