When the leaders of the churches are searching many resources (like commentary, internet messages, sermon outline, audio sermons, etc.) to find the message of God, the Lord at the same time really wants to speak to His people. But, we are not listening in this busy world. I praise God for the training on Hearing from God. I was also sometimes puzzled in finding a sermon to preach. Now I preach what the Lord speaks to me. I hear at His feet the still small voice with which He speaks daily. It is a blessing to know through the Hearing From God study God has many things to say. God still speaks and I can listen to Him.

~Santosh Makal
Director/Church Planter
Malda Christian Fellowship
Malda WB India

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We don't need a revival ...

My sheep hear My voice

Why we need to hear from God

Getting ready to hear from God

Means of God speaking to His children

Response to hearing from God